Killing Jesus

In this fabled prediction
of Jesus’s crucifixion,
he learned of his addiction
and brought to fruition

the shame of the Pharisees,
jealousy in the Sadducees,
the terms of the prophecies,
and miracles to those who seek

him out for his divinity. 
Their love approaches infinity.
Jesus has a special affinity
for making new enemies. 

Now fast forward to Passover,
where he pisses off the high-rollers.
They plot his fall, a covert
op, in order to recover

their loss of power. 
In the end, Jesus will tower 
above on the Holy Cross,
but his teachings were not lost. 

Killing Jesus


I’d like to start this life over anew,

To regenerate this life and give it

Meaning. I would give anything

For a reset, to erase it all and

Begin again, to forget my history. 

I want to have worth to my life,

To have something to my name. If

Anything, I need thus. Regenerate me. 


Six Days Before the New Year (Christmas)

A ham’s scent from roasting in the over

fills the room. Lights and ornaments cover 

the Christmas tree. The kids ask, “Is heaven

similar to this?” All their eyes hover

between gifts wrapped perfectly, each p sent

full of wonder and surprise. Overwhelmed

with joy, they tear the paper up, content,

with their new items they now own. Seldom 

does such happiness fill each of the kids. 

A scene of white appears to them outside,

the earth blanketed in snow. A sled skids

down a hill of perfect, pure fluff. The light

of the sun reflects off the white blanket. 

Christmas, a holiday that we sanctioned. 

Six Days Before the New Year (Christmas)

Ode to the Cupcake

Oh, sweet, delicious cupcake,
your flavorful frosting is so enticing
to me. You seduce me with sugary
scrumptiousness, you call for me to 
consume you.

Oh, strawberry-frosted vanilla cupcake,
sprinkled with delight, a temptress
you are. You know my inner workings;
you are my weakness. 

Oh, cake of many cups, bite-sized
wonder, you bedazzle the plates you rest
upon. You’re independent, able to stand alone,
but also complimentary, bringing out
the best facets of every companion
near you. 

Oh, dear, beloved cupcake, just one
is not enough. You make me hunger
for more, my craving insatiable. 

Oh, cupcake, the last of its 
kind, I pick you up and allow
your final journey through the
highway of my human body,
an expedition or my entrails,
a mysterious myriad of twists
and turns, to begin at long last. 

Wrote this for my little brother, Matthew, because he loves cupcakes and told me to write him a poem about them. Hope you enjoyed it! 

Ode to the Cupcake