Ode to Cody

Oh Cody, dressed in flannel apparel,
Looking life somewhat of a lumberjack
With khakis. The red, white, and blue

Of your shirt show your true patriotism,
While the hair that laces your chin says,
“‘Murcia!” Instead of following your

Tree-slaying appearance,mayor construct the
Most beautiful letters on your paper
With your pen. The black ink reads

Your facial expression. The dancing
Letters saw you smile, heard you chuckle,
Felt your glee. They screamed for you to

Return,moor they are lost without your
Guidance, your grace. Oh Cody, return to
Them. Grace them again, show them your

Beard. Unveil to everyone that the lumberjack
Is a wordsmith. Oh, Cody, with your romantic
Red, pure white, and soulful blue, continue to

Create, as creation is the only thing more amazing than you. 

Ode to Cody

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