I’m sitting here, daydreaming of what we could be.
I don’t have the power to change a thing, though.
So now I’m sitting here, as frozen as snow,
Looking back in time, indulging on memories.

There’s an unsettling sadness about a pleasant past,
Especially when I long so desperately to be happy again.
What I am now is a hollow husk, a shell that’s broken,
With the only emotion of sadness in a flash.

I’m better off alone instead of being transparent
To my so-called “loved ones.” I’ll sever the ties,
Cast off my heart, let everything I cared for die,
For the sake of making myself prominent.

I’ll let what resides in me out to rebel
Against a cruel and distorted society,
And from there, I’ll disrupt my internal hierarchy
So that my suffering may finally unravel.


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