White Rose

What I see woven in front of me

is a curtain of kindness, genuine

caring, that fills me with warmth.

This once cold heart now ablaze,

and it’s not by mere kindling;

this fire engulfs my whole body.

You remind me of the sea, gorgeous,

especially when struck by the stars

at two in the morning. The ocean

isn’t even as vast as this feeling

overwhelming my entire being.

And your voice, my God is it captivating.

You’re a siren of Greek myth, without the

part where you lure me to my death;

although I’m sure one kiss from you and 

I could rest peacefully. Your smile is so

contagious; when I see you smiling,

I start to as well. And the eyes that

found me lost in them, what a mesmerizing

blue gleam inhabits them. That shade was 

never in any pack of crayons or colored pencils

and now I know why. A beautiful blue like

what you were blessed with only comes around

once, and no utensil could ever capture that.

Every aspect of who you are screams beauty,

and all these screams come together in harmony

to create the girl I love with my whole heart.

White Rose

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