Hold Your Tongue

Cold words cut like bitter steel through someone’s psyche.

Have you no care for others’ well-being? Have you

no regard for the burden they carry? Rightly

put in their place are those who use words as weapons.

Hold Your Tongue


She’s resisting the overwhelming urge

to stand up and eradicate those who

she deems worthy of her personal purge. 

In this vendetta, she prepares a coup

to usurp the Rome and ignite the fire

within the oeople she tries to protect. 

All around, she sees funeral pyres

for those passed. The wind shifts and she detects

incoming inclement weather. Whether

or not the storm will quickly come to pass

is uncertain. She hates being tethered 

to emotion; she’s hoping she can last

long enough to cast aside all her ties. 

When someone so great wants to barricade

themselves in their own hell until they die,

you know this happiness was a facade. 


I, the Creator

I need your hand to hold onto my heart

because it keeps skipping beats. You are art,

a beautiful creation; it was fate

that brought us together. Staying up late

on the phone, discussing what our future

had in store. The collision of culture

between us culminates to terraform

the foundation of our love. You were born

to be a sweet, genuine heroine;

I was to be a creator wherein

my art fulfills and represents all ideals

I hold. Writing, music, and video feel

right when I push myself to do better. 

I will be a creator forever. 

I, the Creator